1. TEAMSable INC. Warranty Policy
    Item Content Warranty
    POS Hardware
    AIO Touch System Includes Touch Screen, LCD Panel, MB, Power 3 years
    Touch Monitor Includes Touch Screen, LCD Panel, AD board, Power 3 Years
    Tablet Mechanical Failure due to workmanship 1 Year
    Digital Signage 1 Year
    Memory System RAM 3 Years
    HDD, SSD System Storage 3 Years
    MSR 3 Years
    Pole Display 3 Years
    Printer 3 Years
    Cash Drawer 1 Year
  2. Warranty Terms And Conditions
    All TeamSable products are new and in good working condition when sold. All warranty related services, repairs, replacements must be Authorized by TeamSable Inc.
    Warranty applies to New Products purchased from TeamSable Inc. or Authorized Distributor, VAR, Dealer. Warranty will be Void if failure or damaged of product is caused by user or natural cause.See below for example:
    1.Any natural event such as flooding, water damage, fire, transient or power outage
    2.Any trojan/ virus or malware obtained from 3rd party software
    3.Any physical damage to the Product, System, Touch-Glass, external chassis, internal components.
    4.Any physical damage during shipping or due to poor packaging, or miss-handling of product.