Integrated 2×20 Customer Display

  • 2 Lines x 20 Columns
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • USB Interface
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Product Details


  • 2 Lines x 20 Columns
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • USB Interface
Compatible with SKY 15-Si and 15-SJ
Compatible with SKY 15-Si & 15-SJ
2-Line Display
Slim Design
Slim Design
FD230IU Integrated 2-Lines Customer Display, USB interface
Box Details 9.25"(W) x 11.5"(L) x 3"(H)
Weight: 2 lbs.
Inside the Box Customer Display Screen
Display Method Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Number of Characters 40 ( 20 columns x 2 lines)
Brightness 700 cd/m2
Character Font 5 (H) x 7 (W) dot matrix
Character Size 5.25 (H) x 8.03 (W) mm
Dot Size 0.85 x 1.05mm
Viewing Angle Max. 90°
Horizontal Rotation Max. 355°
Vertical Rotation 0° ~ 50°
MTBF 178w 4d
Interface USB
Power Consumption 5 ~ 12 VDC

Customer Display for Efficient Checkout

When the rush hits, retailers need a fast and efficient way to keep customers informed during checkout. An integrated customer display can help do just that.

But not every storefront, checkout aisle, or countertop has space for a full-size HD screen. That’s where the FD230IU 2″x20″ customer-facing display excels.

Tucked neatly atop the Windows SKY 15-Si or SKY 15-Sj, the FD230IU helps pass crucial data like price, totals, and directions to your customers. It’s readable even in direct sunlight and low light, thanks to a high-contrast display. And since it is designed to work with your Windows SKY 15-Si or SKY 15-Sj, installation is a snap.

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Compact Design

The FD230IU is designed to minimize its footprint on your POS workstation. Its small size and sleek, black bezel complement the Windows SKY 15-Si or SKY 15-Sj perfectly.

High Contrast Display

Customers will have no problem reading prices, totals, or special directions on the FD230IU’s high-contrast display—even in direct sunlight or low light.

Easy Installation

With its integrated design, the FD230IU mounts quickly and easily atop the Windows SKY 15-Si or SKY 15-Sj. No extra cabling is required.