Elevate Your Holiday Shopping Experience with Digital Signage

Oct 19, 2022 | Blogs

As the holidays approach, malls and shopping centers across the country are preparing for the influx of shoppers. But with more and more consumers doing their holiday shopping online, brick-and-mortar retailers need to find ways to stand out from the e-commerce crowd. Digital signage is one way to do just that.

Digital signage can provide a more interactive and engaging shopping experience for holiday shoppers. By using interactive displays, retailers can give shoppers the ability to browse products, get recommendations, and even make purchases right from the digital signage display. And with the use of targeted content and personalized messages, retailers can create a truly unique and memorable holiday shopping experience for their customers.

Here are some creative ways to use digital signage to elevate your holiday shopping experience:

Use Interactivity to Engage Shoppers

Interactive digital signage can help shoppers find what they’re looking for and make purchases right from the display. Consider creating a personalized experience for your shoppers.

For instance, you can prompt your customers to log in to their loyalty program. From there, you could display custom content perfectly tailored to each buyer. Leverage data from purchase history to make product recommendations and even show real-time inventory for in-store pickups.

This type of interactive experience will not only make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for, but also give them the opportunity to learn more about your products and services.

Create Cross-platform Experiences

Have an active following on social media? Reward your raving fans with a one-of-a-kind holiday shopping experience by integrating your digital signage with your social media channels.

For example, you can use Instagram to run a holiday-themed hashtag campaign. Then, display the hashtag on your digital signage and encourage shoppers to take photos of their purchases and share them on social media using the hashtag. Not only will this create a fun and festive atmosphere in your store, but it will also help to promote your products and brand.

Additionally, you could create a holiday scavenger hunt that starts online. Then, use your digital signage to provide clues and directions to shoppers as they search for holiday-themed items throughout your store. Tap into micro-influencers in your niche as a host for the hunt or to create engaging content to post on your digital signage — the possibilities are endless!

Make a Splash with Video

Video is a powerful tool that can be used to capture shoppers’ attention and guide them through the purchasing process. Use digital signage to display video content that highlights your products, services, and holiday promotions.

In the past, video was a “nice-to-have” for retail marketing and sales. But the modern buyer expects brands to use video to engage and inform them. In fact, 78% of consumers say they would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

So, if you’re not using video in your holiday marketing strategy, now is the time to start!

Finding the Right Digital Signage for Your Space

Once you’ve formulated your plan, it’s time to start shopping for the right digital display for your business.

When making any purchase for your business you need to think about 3 things:

  1. Does it fit my brand aesthetic?
  2. Is it easy to use?
  3. What is my ROI?

As you start your search, keep these factors in mind. After all, you want your digital signage to reflect your brand and the overall design of your store. Search for a solution that fits your aesthetic and will create a cohesive look in your retail space.

Plus, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment. There are many affordable options on the market for digital signage. Finding the right balance of quality and price will be key to ensuring a positive ROI for your business.

Lastly, you need something that is easy to use. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so you’ll want a solution that is simple to set up and manage. Look for a digital signage solution with an easy-to-use content management system. This will make it easy for you to create and update content as needed without any headaches.

Consider the age and ability of your customer base before creating your content. If you are catering to an older crowd, you’ll want to make sure your content is easy to read and understand. Whereas, if you’re targeting millennials, you can get away with using more tech-savvy features that require a bit more input from the consumer.

Supercharge Your Holiday Season with Digital Signage

Digital signage offers a world of possibilities for retailers during the holiday season and beyond. By understanding your customer base and utilizing video and social media, you can create a memorable experience that will keep shoppers coming back long after the holidays are over.

Now is the time to start planning your holiday strategy. Use this guide as a starting point to find the right digital signage solution for your business. Then, get ready to supercharge your sales and create a festive atmosphere in your store!

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